Progress & “growth” of tourism in Agonda

So on the weekend I took my little scooter and drove down to Agonda to visit a friend from back in the UK. Gabriella had decided to visit for a short break and had taken a hut on the beach there for two weeks.

Kindly, she had offered me to visit and share with her for as long as I wanted. However, I could only manage the one night as my place was in such a mess with unpacked clothes and stuff lying all around added to which I needed to appear in the office for some research work on Monday. So I just did the one night and being only 24 hours I made the most of it.

As always in Agonda it was heavenly and I could easily stay there for a week or more, so peaceful it is. The main picture currently on this blog is actually of the view from her hut so you can see how lovely the White Sand beach resort is and I rate it as one of maybe 3 of the best there currently are beachside in Agonda.

Gabriella had booked for one week initially with the intention to move to Benaulim for week two and then had decided to stay and had been promised that they had room for her for the second week. However, what they omitted to tell her was that she had to move after the following Tuesday. Typically for Goa (and other places in the world I am sure!), the owner of the place had double-booked her hut and was asking her to move to a room over the road instead of staying beachside. Not happy with this she had then decided to take her business elsewhere so we did get to visit a few huts up and down the beach to establish the best one she could get at a “reasonable” rate. She finally settled on moving to H2O a day earlier.

Now when I say reasonable, I refer to the rates in Agonda as advertised on the web and they are very reasonalbe for a beachside property if you are a visitor from overseas who has never been to India or Goa and when you have no previous idea or history with this part of Goa.

£35 – £40 per night seems great if you long to hear the crashing of waves at night, and the sound of the birds (mainly cawing crows) in the mornings. You can take a stroll along the beach early morning,  as we did before joining a yoga class by Neil, who lives there in season and is a Chippy in UK for the rest of the year.

You can sit under the stars at night and chat with new and old friends while listening to soft music in the background, or simply relax with the sound of nature and the waves on the white sand. Or you can sit on the beach and meditate when the moon is nearly full and the whole place is lit by a magical and errie glow, negating your need for a torch to light your way.Nothing much happens in Agonda so it is a place for total relaxation.

Gabriella had, the previous night had a barbecue at the house (on the beach) of Garry – a friend she had made in her short time here. We enjoyed a wonderful lunch when I arrived, consisting of leftovers – healthy prawn and avocado salad – all purchased fresh at the market the previous day.

All these things are wonderful but the only rub in the wound comes if you are used to coming to Agonda and staying in one of these beach “resorts” to put the term loosely. These are after all HUTS – they are not hotel rooms and do not offer the facilities you would get in a hotel.

When you are aware of what you will get, then you will know that things have really “progressed” for you can remember when, only 2 years ago a sea-facing hut was charged out at Rs400/- ($5) per night instead of the current rates which range from Rs2500 – Rs9000/- (£30 – £100) per night –  Even the 3, 4 & 5 star hotels haven’t quite got to grips with that hike in their rates!

Now if that isn’t progress & growth in tourism I don’t know what is!


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