The Life-giving Power of Mother Nature

Living in India is fun and offers the odd challenge to add to the variety of life. As a result of what happened to me this week I went on a voyage of discovery that led me to marvel even more on Mother Nature’s gifts to us all.

Let me explain by way of what happened:

On Friday night my fridge decided to give up the ghost, a fact I discovered late at night. It packed up but only the cool-box part and not the freezer.. Mind you the freezer is working at a percentage of full speed so the whole thing will collapse soon I am sure.

I went to see Connie, my landlady, on Saturday morning. She was just off to a Mass in Panjim when I told her – well it is Goa after all and it is the feast of Frances Xavier this week. All good Goan Catholics take the time to dress up in all their finery and go off to the main church dedicated to him in Panjim at LEAST one time during this season.

With the next day being Sunday, there would be no chance to get my fridge sorted until Monday earliest  depending on who can come to look at it, never mind fix it!

Temporary solution in the meantime was to use Connie’s fridge for the perishables so no sweat there. However, it meant I then had to shop circumspectly, when planning my next few meals. This morning I hit the local veg stall therefore and having selected mint, coriander and spinach I suddenly realised that I would need to preserve it somehow other than in a fridge.

So this brings me back to the Mother Nature stuff – sorry I diversified with the tale of how I got here!

The amount of herb you buy in a bunch does me for at least  a week and I hate waste so I start by Googling “preserving coriander” and I then find out what an amazing plant this is and why EVERYONE should be growing it for their medicine cabinet.

Oh and if you don’t want it as medicine try the drinks cabinet (see below)

The leaves are stimulant and tonic, strengthen the stomach, relieve flatulence (many I know will hope it works for me too!), in addition they increase secretion and discharge of urine, reduce fever and can also help you get rid of catarrh & phlegm – and don’t have a coughing fit – they can act as an aphrodisiac!

Recipe: One or two teaspoons of coriander juice, added to fresh buttermilk, is highly beneficial in treating digestive disorders such as indigestion, nausea, dysentery, hepatitis and ulcerative colitis, – not sure where the aphrodisiac part kicks in!

The seeds reduce fever and cool you down and the juice is great if you are deficient inneficial in vitamin A, B1, B2, C and iron. They also reduce excessive menstrual flow. Bloody hell – this stuff is good!

Recipe: Six grams of the seeds should be boiled in half a litre of water, till only half the water remains. Sugar should be added to it and taken when it is still warm. The patient gets relief after taking the medicine for 3 or 4 days.

Dry coriander treats diarrhoea and chronic dysentery, as well as being useful in acidity

Recipe: Chutney made from dry coriander, green chillies, grated coconut, ginger and black grapes without seeds are a remedy for abdominal pain due to indigestion. So if you pig out and overeat, keep it handy!

Dry coriander also works well as an eye wash for conjunctivitis.

Recipe: A decoction prepared from freshly dried coriander relieves burning and reduces pain and swelling.

Precautions:  Dry coriander needs to be used sparingly if you suffer from bronchial asthma and chronic bronchitis – use the fresh stuff for this!

Coriander Water drunk regularly helps lower blood cholesterol as it is a good diuretic and stimulates the kidneys. Great for the day after perhaps?

Recipe: Prepare it  boiling dry seeds of coriander and straining after cooling.

Coriander juice is also wonderful for skin disorders apparently

Recipe: A teaspoon of juice, mixed with a pinch of turmeric powder, is an effective remedy for pimples, blackheads and dry skin. The mixture should be applied to the face, after washing it thoroughly, every night. You will smell lovely through the night too I think!

Recipe: One teaspoon fresh coriander juice, mixed with 1 or 2 seeds of banana, given once daily regularly, for a week is a very effective preventive measure against small pox. It is believed that putting fresh leaf juice in the eyes, during an attack of small pox, prevents eye damage. Will it work as well for other types of pox I ask myself?

And finally to the drinks cabinet…………………….

In the dried form, coriander is an important ingredient for flavouring spirits, particularly gin!

What an amazing plant this is and isn’t mother nature giving?

Next I am going to check out the mint. However, having already mixed a coriander infused olive oil I am now working on infusing the stuff with hot water and maybe some other flavours to make myself a non- alcoholic gin – Sounds like a plan to me. Oh,  and I learnt something else too – I used to believe that a Cori fan was a particular soap addict, when in fact they are possibly a gin-soak!

Tara for now……….Hahahahah


About travell1ngthroughl1fe

I am a fun-loving person who goes with the flow and travels through life most of the time though sometimes I have to be responsible when others try to get me on their track! Most of the time though people tell me I am barking mad! hahahaha! Life is short but oh so sweet so I believe in looking out for the bright side of life and I can always find a positive in everything! Half-empty glasses are not for me. Negativity is an ill I want to cure in everyone. Only after you heal your own soul can you help to really heal the world. So when you need help, ask for it and where it is offered, gratefully accept it as a gift.
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