How devoted are you to life?

Robin Williams in “Good Morning Vietnam” said “I love the smell of napalm in the mornings” Well I love the smell of freshness in the air on winter mornings in Goa. However, it would seem that freshness is fast dispellng as we come into February. The air is heating up and there is a hotter damp in the air and today clouds were seen accumulating.

So perhaps that fresh early morning time is past now as we head towards the spring and summer months – the heat and humidity will build more and more culminating in a monsoon rainy season by May or June. Phew!greenpeace

Call me a witch or what – no sooner had I written this last night, than the heavens opened and it rained! It not only rained, it poured – for most of the night – in February for goodness sake! It’s nowhere near the monsoon season – very concerning – I felt sorry for the poor farmers this morning.

Anyway, it poured with rain most of the night I already said – so having decided that was it because the heat of the day would soon dry up the air and the puddles etc, I proceded to the office this morning, thinking that was that.

WRONG! Totally ignorant of the weather in this air-conditined environment I went to get some lunch later and nearly fell flat on my backside when I slipped on the tiles coz it was raining again!!! Luckily I managed to right myself in time to the sound of a

“take a care!” from the nearby shopkeeper, bless him.

So I am in the cafe now getting a chicken hotdog and while this is being microwaved I say to the owner of the cafe, “What is this with the rain then? So early in the season?”

And you know what he told me? It is the “Lack of Devotion”!!!

Lack of Devotion eh? So here I am thinking is he a really religious man – Not sure whether he’s Muslim, Hindu, Catholic, Buddhist and am wondering what he could be as here in India most religions dance along side by side with no-one threatening to kill another for their different faith, which is rather lovely in itself.

Anyway, it turns out he is not talking religion in that sense and he wasn’t refering to prayers either.

No, what he was refering to was mankinds lack of devotion to the world itself. He said – we want wood so we chop down the trees. Do we take care of the earth we are given to tend? Coincidentally he then mentioned farmers, who I had earlier felt sorry for as they would have suffered with their crops being destroyed by the rain soaking them and then being dried out and destroyed by the sun after the rain.

However, he said, has anyone helped the farmers to take care (devoted themselves) to ensuring their crops are protected when mother nature unleashes her fury on the land? No, of course not – no devotion to anything other than greed generally – that’s why we cut the trees down, that’s why we replant all the land as often as possible, etc.

What a wise man he was! I couldn’t agree more.

My big bugbear on the trees especially is how many Palms are cut down by such companies as Dove(one of the big culprits) who take more and more oil for luxury items like cosmetics,showergels, etc. And what about all the trees we still cut down for paper even though we now are all techies – still want more paper to print things – AND we tend not to recycle in many countries!

But heh let’s not get into that now – I will no doubt do a soapbox rant at some point in the future on this blog. In the meantime, if you have any interest in how you can contribute to helping preserve our planet for future generations, check out and subscribe to – both very active organisations devoted to ensuring life is worth living for future generations.Avaaz


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I am a fun-loving person who goes with the flow and travels through life most of the time though sometimes I have to be responsible when others try to get me on their track! Most of the time though people tell me I am barking mad! hahahaha! Life is short but oh so sweet so I believe in looking out for the bright side of life and I can always find a positive in everything! Half-empty glasses are not for me. Negativity is an ill I want to cure in everyone. Only after you heal your own soul can you help to really heal the world. So when you need help, ask for it and where it is offered, gratefully accept it as a gift.
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