More temples of worship?

Fat BuddhaP1000901P1000893

So as many Buddhas and temples as there were yesterday –    today was a huge number of shops and stalls at a market and the three Siam huge shopping Malls.

I had decided I would go and check out the weekend market in Chatuchak and caught a bus at 0915 outside the guest house arriving there half an hour later.

Well OMG – there is just TOO much here for even a professional shopper, never mind me who hates shopping except when I have to.

I was stunned into submission when I couldn’t find anything I really wanted after wandering the stalls for an hour! There is 3.5 km of them here in this park!!

I was searching for a bikini that would fit my boobs – and as always the tops were nipple covers if the bottoms would suit and I could not actually find a large enough top – Asian countries are not suited to me in the bikini line I can tell you!

So then I was also looking for a couple of skirts and also maybe some tops with short sleeves and ….NO can do – all were t-shirts and casual bits but nothing I really liked AND needed, and I can’t afford to buy on impulse at the moment so………..!!

Having quickly lost interest I had a coffee and then spent a second hour there before giving up and taking the Skytrain from Mo Chit to Siam. Here there are 3 mega shopping centres and there I found a load of designer stores and lo and behold….an old favourite of mine – H & M! Mind you even there I only found 2 items I liked! Anyway, although they were not a bikini or a skirt or tops with sleeves I bought them! hahah

I did a quick scour of the area but really felt I was in Shopping Mall anywhere – in fact it strongly reminded me of Singapore – shops, shops and shoppers galore! AAArgh!

So I had to leave and get the bus back to Khaosan Road and went to find a bus where I met a young English girl called Kate who is an intern teaching English at a college here and who was going my way. Very nice girl and we got off at same spot and then parted ways after Khaoasan. She was off to the book swap store there!

Anyway, the day out had decided me – As I am not a shopping or shopping Mall type of gal I would prefer to go and people watch/socialise as well as see some of nature’s  creations rather than man-made ones.

Thus, I do not really want to be in Bangkok any longer, and as I will be here for a couple of days at the end of my trekking about I booked a night bus to Phuket for tomorrow and will reach there on Monday morning. Tomorrow morning I will visit the Grand Palace here in the morning and then check out at noon and relax by the pool and at the guest house until leaving around 6pm.

I can recommend the shopping malls here for one thing however – to cool down from the heat and humidity of outside!  Mind you, I am convinced that the fact of going in and out of the heat and the AC is what is making me feel hotter than I ever feel in India where I limit my AC contact. Of course, the humidity is also high here at the moment and cities are always warmed so let’s see what Phuket offers me. Hopefully the “temple”ture will be more to my liking with an ocean breeze.

Walk on….Susie walking


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