So I was contemplating mechanical issues yesterday and I must commend the garages and mechanics here for doing a speedy job and cheaply. 

  1. My friend recently had her left door panel beaten and resprayed.

 It took all day – yes ONLY a day! Another friend of hers went in the morning to drop off the car with her and to bring my friend home. Then I picked her up at 5.30pm to take her back to the garage to pick up the car.

The cost of this was Rs.3500/- (approx. £35) for all parts, labour, etc.

Yesterday the spring that holds my bike up on its small stand stopped functioning. Fortunately it happened while I was on the bike so it didn’t tip sideways and create any damage to the body of the bike.

However, this caused me a dilemma as I am USELESS at putting the bike on its bigger main stand. I obviously do NOT have the technique as I think it is REALLY heavy and hard to do. Others however, seem to pull it up onto its stand with ease.

So….the dilemma – do I elicit help each time I stop to park my bike OR do I get it fixed ASAP? Deciding I need to get it fixed at a garage I wonder how long will it mean I am without the bike, etc?

On my way home I stop in my local friendly scooter garage and asked him if he could fix this for me.

He comes out with a wrench, removes the spring, gets a new one and ten minutes later, with a new spring on I am back to normal.

The cost of this is Rs.45/- but I give him Rs.50/-

In the past I have also had to have the ignition switch a light switch and a fuse replaced. In all these cases I was in and out and fixed in no more than 10 minutes and for small amounts of rupees!

NOW – Compare this to a similar situation in the UK 


Me:                   (On the telephone) “Oh dear the spring/light/fuse/ignition on my scooter has gone, can you fix it for me please?”

Garage:            “Certainly madam. Do bring it in so we can assess the job.”

Me:                   “Can I bring it now?

Garage:               “Give it an hour and we should be able to deal with it”

Me                   “Great, see you soon!”


Garage:            “Hmmm, I see, well we need to get the parts for this and it will take a couple of hours for the job. If you want to leave the bike with us we will let you know when it’s ready”

 Me:                   “How long will it take to get the parts? When can I expect it to be ready?

 Garage:             If you call us in a weeks’ time it should be ready”

 ME:                  “I see– so it will take a while then?”

 Garage:            “Well madam these parts can be fiddly to fit and we have a lot of jobs on (this said as he is sitting drinking a cup of tea, looking at another guy under the hood of a car in the garage.

 Me:                   “Oh well, I have to get it done. Can you tell me how much it will cost please?”

 GARAGE:         “Well……… The parts will cost you £50 and then we need to fit them. Depending on how long that takes – you are probably looking at about £125 total plus VAT

 ME:                  OK thanks – you will take credits cards then.

 GARAGE:         We do but if you want to pay cash we will not charge you the VAT.

 One week later – collect bike, pay bill and notice half a tank of petrol is missing – Hmmmm???

Where would you rather have a mechanical problem?


About travell1ngthroughl1fe

I am a fun-loving person who goes with the flow and travels through life most of the time though sometimes I have to be responsible when others try to get me on their track! Most of the time though people tell me I am barking mad! hahahaha! Life is short but oh so sweet so I believe in looking out for the bright side of life and I can always find a positive in everything! Half-empty glasses are not for me. Negativity is an ill I want to cure in everyone. Only after you heal your own soul can you help to really heal the world. So when you need help, ask for it and where it is offered, gratefully accept it as a gift.
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