Just Say NO!

Love this post I came across – see below – especially as I was a victim of this type of unscrupulous person in 2012.

The Company – (LM Searches) employed me (for a relatively small wage + commission) but I then discovered that of the other 10 staff, 7 of them were “interns” – the other three were lowly paid and only one of them was older with previous work experience!

This was not in work in an artistic field although the interns were very creative and they were marketing 2 new websites and a service. So the staff were involved in graphic design for e-mailshots as well as the logos, etc. No-one oversaw their work or mentored them until I worked there. They queried when I suggested they needed to focus the designs for the market – and I demonstrated through the testing we ran to show them how to get a higher “hit rate” on email opening, responses, etc.

I got out quickly (the guy NEVER paid me the first month so I walked!) but the other staff remained there until the business folded 6 months later. The staff there learnt one main thing from this experience – that some employers will stop at nothing/resort to anything and use/abuse you for their own schemes.

So make sure to go out and demand what you feel is a FAIR price for your work. Find an employer who will appreciate you for your talents and who will also mentor you so that you gain real self-growth from working with them.

Doing things for the love of them is truly admirable but it won’t pay your bills and if it only gets you doughnuts it will certainly make you obese and possibly very sick!

Read on……………….the following post.

Creative Infrastructure

Doughnut A first year graduate student in my arts management class presented a paper this week on arts labor economics.  Her undergrad degree was in acting so she had never delved into the topic formally. She certainly understood through anecdotal observation that there is an imbalance between artist labor supply and artist opportunity and that artists are often paid less than their peers in other fields (to put it mildly).  Among the factors she considered was that artists are often willing to work for low or even no pay because the joy of doing the work is payment enough.   In concluding her presentation, she posed a rhetorical question that I paraphrase here: How can we make this vicious cycle of artist oversupply and underpayment stop?

Following this presentation, I returned to my office and this email:


I want to reach out and see if you have any film students that…

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