Alternative methods for love health & happiness perhaps?

I first became involved with holistic and alternative medicines when I was in my early twenties.

It happened as a result of my own illness (asthma) as I had taken a lot of time off work due to severe asthma attacks and the Company I then worked for sent me to their own Harley Street doctor to “fix” me.

This “expert” ran various tests (I had had them before when I was in my teens without results) to see what I could be allergic to or what could have affected me.

After these tests it was decided that house mites (dust) and cats were the cause of my condition and so he prescribed me TWO inhalers.

My partner and I were just doing up a house we had bought and were staying at his mother’s house during the major dusty work (walls pulled down etc. ) and he had also bought me a kitten which I loved but which I now had to give away sadly. Poor me, I was devastated and cried my heart out but this had to be done then.

During this period of analysis, I also noted a recent visit to the house of a friend with a cat. Even though the cat was never in the room with me, it had its scent impregnated in the house so the effect was such that I had to leave as initially I started to sneeze, then to cough and finally to wheeze. Inhaler to the rescue but not a happy bunny personally as you will note below.

One of the two medical pumps was a preventative inhaler. I was supposed to take it 3 times a day and it apparently “lined” my lung area (coating it with what I was not sure!) to prevent the allergies giving me asthma attacks. The second inhaler (Ventolin) was for IF I still got an attack and was to be used to relieve it when this occurred. So the preventative inhaler might not prevent anyway? What kind of a joke was this?

When I asked the doctor for how long I would need these he advised that it was an on-going thing and I should expect to use it my whole life!!!

NO way man – arrghh – I can’t do that!

For sure, this was not acceptable to me as I was not (and never have been) a lover of pills and potions manufactured by chemical companies, etc. My mother had always advocated health sense though common sense and as I thus felt that Mother Nature would possibly have a cure

decided to work my way through the alphabet of alternative/holistic medicines of the day. There were not so many readily available or on offer in the West during the 70’s but I was going to work my way through A to Z if necessary with the alternative methods of medicine. In this way I hoped to be able to avoid these drugs being pumped into my system every day from then on.

Acupuncture was the first alternative I tried and I discovered the British Acupuncture Centre in Victoria, London where I was living at the ti me. So I booked an appointment for a day off to check them out. It was going to cost me a fair amount of my weekly wage but I have always been a firm believer of health being most important in our lives and would always pay anything within my means to be healthy. Wealth is no good without proper health after all although it may help make you more comfortable at times.

My first visit to this center lasted just over an hour as I first had a consultation with the Taiwanese doctor (female) and a session of 30 minutes to see how I would react to the needles.

The needles were very fine, like hairs, and I had no worries about them being tapped into my pores. In fact the whole thing was less than a pinprick and I ended up with them in my face (nose and brow area), around my lung tips and also in my arms and leg areas. Must have looked like a pin cushion but no “selfies” or cell phones then to capture the look.

Then the Doctor left me in the room for 30 minutes and told me to relax and remain still. It was quiet and calm and I managed to drift off somewhat. It was a weird feeling actually as I felt like I was floating as I drifted off. I also felt a warm glow as if universal energy was being poured in and magic was being worked on me.

After 15 minutes the doctor returned, twiddled with the needles in some places (couldn’t really feel anything) and then left again. At the 30/40 minute mark she returned and slowly extracted them all.

We then noticed that at some of the acupuncture points I had slight red marks that glowed warmly and seemed to radiate out from the point of the needle mark. This the doctor assured me was a good sign and so I booked for a regular Saturday treatment at £20 per pop (a lot of money in the 70’s).

The doctor suggested I have at least 10 sessions and then to see how we were going on. At the same time I stopped using the preventative inhaler with the Ventolin only on standby in case of an attack.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that each week I improved and was using my inhaler less and less. I had stopped using my inhaler totally after 10 sessions! but did continue on to the point where I had 20 sessions in total as I actually felt great benefit from them each week. However, after this, £400 had been spent on treatment the doctor then suggested that I had benefited as fully as I could as I seemed to have reached the correct balance that we had been working towards. My meridians were totally aligned now and I should be OK without any inhaler.

In fact from that day to this I have never had cause to use an inhaler again (although for several months I did keep one with me in case of relapse). The dust no longer irritated me, and after a while I was not only able to be in the house where a cat lived without a problem AND I was also able to pick up and cuddle cats again. How wonderful!

Now, 35 years on, I am still healthy in this area of my life, have many cat friends and live a large part of the time in a dusty area of India. I have travelled extensively and stayed in many places where allergies could arise but can honestly say that acupuncture was the best move I ever made in my twenties. Not only did it confirm my belief in  the alternative / complementary /holistic medicines but it also set me on a path to live a more spiritually & holistically focused life.

Having explored many spiritual areas, now I am a Reiki master, and also practice a number of other holistic disciplines. My sister has followed a similar path to me and became a homeopath some years ago. She specializes in mother and baby working and both of us can always happily offer a space and ear for people wishing to express their feelings and stresses to the benefit of their gradual healing.

Personally I do regular meditations and am much more in tune with the Universal Energy than ever before, working with Chakras, Meridians and Auras. Over the years this has enabled me to develop a greater health sense and when I find a dis-ease in others I happily offer them love, energy and positivity through coaching when they may feel lost or displaced in their current phase of life. Whether they choose to accept this is entirely up to them and their attitude to life.

In all areas where possible, I opt for alternative, holistic ways of working with nature and the universe and you will rarely find me popping a pill into my system unless it is the only way forward and absolutely essential. In fact, I am trying still to remove the prescribed drug, Alendronic Acid from my weekly schedule – this was prescribed for my Osteopenia some years ago when I fell and broke my hip.

To date I have not cut it out totally but am still exploring how to replace it with a more natural method of bone reconstruction. It’s all to do with the osteoblasts apparently. Anyone who has suggestions for me I would love to hear from you please.

If you yourself suffer from Asthma or any other unbalancing disease or affliction and would like more guidance or information on alternative methods from someone who has experienced the effects to be had, please feel free to contact me. I swear by acupuncture myself but now use Reiki and appreciate there are so many other ways to calm your system that may be more suited to your personal psyche.

Do yourself a favor and do not give up on trying other methods of healing other than the allopathic (mainstream) ones that the majority of the western world still sees as the “cure all”.

Scientists will often refer to a “chain reaction” caused by chemicals. I am more of the Buddhist mentality with regards to “cause and effect”. But however you travel through life may you always have good health and love in your heart.

Thank you for reading..


About travell1ngthroughl1fe

I am a fun-loving person who goes with the flow and travels through life most of the time though sometimes I have to be responsible when others try to get me on their track! Most of the time though people tell me I am barking mad! hahahaha! Life is short but oh so sweet so I believe in looking out for the bright side of life and I can always find a positive in everything! Half-empty glasses are not for me. Negativity is an ill I want to cure in everyone. Only after you heal your own soul can you help to really heal the world. So when you need help, ask for it and where it is offered, gratefully accept it as a gift.
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