In the end are we all let down?

Tonight I saw a re-run of an episode of “Sex and the City”city sex

As ever it had me laughing but then it really made me think how our lives and attitudes change as we grow older.  When I consider that I was older than my 30’s when I first saw this 30-something show I still laughed my socks off then but with a totally different way of looking at it.

This time I got another perspective so I can really understand why the show is timeless and so successful.  The themes in it relate to all ages and we may read them in different ways as we age ourselves but STILL we relate to them.

The show tonight included a part where Samantha was tempted by an older (70’s) attractive man – AND his oodles of money, which she said was not the thing attracting her to him. She finds him very sexy.  She is thirty-something and he is 70ish and Carrie says that she finds the idea of SEX with such an older man hard to contemplate. But is it really all about sex or age differences?

A relationship with an older man said Samantha would be fine and her comment re the sex was that  “All cats look the same in the dark (and feel the same in the dark too)”

However, before the sex and when the lights flicked on as this older sexy moneyed man moved to the bathroom, Samantha caught a look at his baggy bum and in a flash it was all over for her and she ran off.

Although highly amusing there is a tristesse to this also.  Perhaps this is the main reason for the continuing rise and prolific increase in cosmetic surgery throughout the world – they changed the word to cosmetic from plastic I feel to appeal to the masses more!

All of us physically change in appearance as we grow older (without the surgery) but most of us still feel the same inside (though sometimes wiser!) and Carrie then considers how old is too old in a man?

I ask how old is too old for anything and why the big hang-up about age anyway? However, I do recall when I was 18 I was the same, and I can remember thinking on one night out with my boyfriend of the time that most of the 25 year olds in the disco (they were not called clubs in my youth – unless it was a youth-club of course!) seemed past it all and had no idea how to enjoy life or dance properly either.

So it continues for any age perhaps. Thus  to a 30 year-old a person in their 70’s is ancient, an 18 year old girl with a 30 year old man (or vice versa)  can cause issues and gossip but when we all hit over 50 and time seems to speed up ages now blur together and we are less ageist. This is perhaps what we would refer to as maturity kicking in.

Really a person of any age is just that really – a person, who is maturing at their own rate and who still feels like they did when they grew into the person they are now. They may have different exterior appearance and attitudes but many of the feelings fundamentally will remain.

So could it be that we are all just conditioned at an early age to see beauty on the exterior and not look within ourselves or others. Certainly even though I am also now older and saggier I still see the “beauty” in others of all ages, but I am also saddened to realise that many younger people still do not really connect with themselves enough to  connect with others. At the other end of the spectrum older people often cannot connect with younger generations and do not even bother to try to understand them. We were all young once though for goodness sake!

Many will never connect to anyone else until they reach a certain age and state of physical and mental awareness.

Physically, mentally and emotionally I see age as being totally different things, but maybe age and attitudes at different ages is all just about firm and taut flesh and not actual chronology. Perhaps in that case the best word of advice may be to put out the lights or never grope an older arse if you are expecting or looking for something younger and firmer.

Samantha said his money and age didn’t matter and in the end she was right – but she was let down –  it was, after all,  the saggy flesh on his bum that repulsed her. She ran off and that was the end of him – literally!


saggy bum

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