Have you ever met a person whose energy is so light and colourful, and they seem to zip through life with ease and joy? They carry dragonfly medicine.

Dragonfly-red-1024x640There were myriads of these beautiful glistening dragonflies on the beach yesterday and I dashed off a quick ditty (I can’t call it a poem as I am not as skilled in that area as I would really like to be but I can dash off a rhyme at short notice usually)

You can read this one (Dragonfly Dance) below and give me your opinion perhaps – ditty, poem or usual mad-woman’s rambling!? Hahahaha

Anyway, it seemed a very strange coincidence last night when I arrived home after a pleasant evening spent with friends, to find a trapped dragonfly in my house.

It must have flown in to the light from the night and could not go out again. Last night it would not leave and this morning it was still here so I tried to help it escape by placing my long pole close to it on the ceiling (I have a high ceiling) but this only caused it to flap a lot in seeming stress.

So I left it alone with all the doors and windows open to allow it to go to the light and coming back into the room a few minutes later I was pleased to see it was no longer here.

Now I do not believe that coincidences simply happen. Everything for a reason is my belief and everything in nature has a symbolism and a meaning to be read  – when our eyes are open to the possibilities of the world of nature.

To me this was a message – I look for messages in many areas of my life in the same way that other people look for meaning possibly.

I do not need to find the meaning for my life now as I strongly believe that I am here to heal and to help others along their paths to peace and contentment. However I do look for the messages that point me to the next way of healing (myself or others).

With the knowledge that everything is for a reason in this case I wondered why this dragonfly symbolism was there for me today and at this time in my life.

So being the person I am I did some research to check out the spiritual significances accredited to dragonflies. .

According to many – dragonflies appear to us to let us know that we need to dig deeper into things and look beneath the surface more. To remember the ways of the spirit and connect with the rich realm of feelings within. I seem to always do this anyway so maybe I was a dragonfly in a previous life?

They are asking that you pay attention to your deeper desires and be mindful of the outcome we wish to have. There are lessons to be learned and you are reminded that “what you think” is directly proportionate to what you “see on the surface”. In other words your thoughts are responsible for your physical surroundings.

Dragonfly is also letting you know to live your life to the fullest with what you have. It also beckons you to seek out the parts of your habits that need changing. Use the Dragonfly to guide you through the mists of illusion to the pathway of transformation. It will bring you the light and colour of transformation into your life.

So how appropriate was this for me at this point in my life?

Well I had already spent a few days consulting with friends to see how they felt it would be best for me to proceed from now in my domiciled situation as my life is already changing somewhat.

It has only been 2 months since work changes have affected my life and in addition in recent weeks my emotions have also caused my heart to flutter somewhat bringing changes to my attitude as to what I possibly am missing in my life also.

So all this has impressed itself on my thinking of course and I am now considering fresh fields and moving on.

Having said all this I usually find (for me at least)  that when change does present itself, it is always the sudden change that have the most impact on my life.

Anyway, after the beautiful red dragonfly had left my house and I sat on my balcony to drink my morning coffee I heard a thud on my window and saw a bird ( which I then discovered was an Oriental Magpie-Robin) flit from my house to the trees opposite and I wondered what attention it was trying to give me.


Researching this bird I find a link to its sounds:

As soon as I played this link on my balcony I was immediately answered by an actual bird. So of course,there is a message and I now start to look for the spiritual significance of this bird. However I can only find the following for a magpie and a robin – nothing combined in symbolism so I decide it is a mixture of both:

A magpie is the symbol of excellent fortune but the need to search to discover the true gift on offer may also be essential. Opportunity is knocking at your door so think whether you are using the skills and knowledge you have to the best of your ability?

A robin has the message that change can be accomplished with joy and happiness in the heart. It signifies growth and rebirth in areas of my life that have become stagnant – You must sing your own song and dance to your own drummer but move forward trusting in yourself and your own intuition.

A robin also has special personal significance to me and my sisters and whenever she visits me she contains the spirit of my mother offering  help and guidance.

So I was just thinking that there is a message from my mother perhaps when I realized – OF COURSE IT IS A MESSAGE FROM HER! After all it is her birthday today or it would be if she were still earthbound.

Today is Halloween and it was totally appropriate for my mother to be born on this day as she was born in Ireland and always had the natural psychic and spiritual powers that run through the Celts and now in my family.witch broomstick

So happy birthday mother dear.



Now getting back to the symbolism and messages to which I need to listen.

Given the fact that for several days now one of the seven sisters bird has been knocking on my windows as well as all these other symbols I now know that they have all being trying to tell me to now embrace change again and possibly this change will be quite a major one.

Throughout life since the age of 13 when major changes occurred, I have always been prepared for sudden change but often it has scared the hell out of me! Nowadays I am less prone to fear of most things but change can still be frightening of course..

Nowadays it is not really sudden change that makes me hesitate. Instead it is complacency perhaps and doubt of which way to best move forward. Should I close the door totally on this side of things or should I leave it ajar? If I leave it ajar how to proceed? Is there another door waiting to open and embrace me? Something is definitely stirring though.

The major change will be for me to possibly have to revert to my old way of living from 2 suitcases, which means sorting through and disposing of many things I have collected in the last 8 years to make my living space a homely one. Silly things like saris for curtains, balcony furnishings, books (I seem to still collect various books even though I am firmly a believer in travelling with all my books on a “Kindle”) and the paraphenalia that goes along with having a computer and phone and so and so on…..

Then I think that maybe I will regret leaving this “home” in future if suddenly I decide to return to this area of Goa and then have to find another place to live. It is cosy light and peaceful where I live although there is less and less on offer for me now that my work takes me elsewhere.

So all these things are part of my thoughts currently though a major part may also be  the laziness that creeps into the idea of the emotional and physical efforts involved to make the changes.

But then again most of my life here is only stuff. The memories and photographs and friends will still be here in my heart so let me listen to this dragonfly and to the “mother” birds that are encouraging me in my beliefs and strengthening me in my desires. Shall I move forward or stagnate is the real question I suppose and stagnation NEVER was suited to me, whether for my mind, my heart or my psyche.

In the world of plants in nature growth does not necessarily mean having to uproot from where you are in life although sometimes we may need to “re-pot” ourselves to grow further. My time to re-pot may be soon and I will embrace it when it happens as ever.

Enough of my mad woman ramblings on – let’s wait and see what the universe offers me today.

In the meantime I offer you some dragonfly medicine below.

Dragonfly dance

Love is all around
Where dragonflies abound
Within the sound
Of the ocean waves.

Tiny wings vibrating fast
How long can their hover last?
As they shine and glisten gold
Will their story they unfold?

We’re mostly blind to miracles
But these little beauties show it
For miracles are all around
When you only know it!

Feel with your heart.
Hear with your soul.
Recognise these wonders.
Know that YOU are heavenly
Even with your faults and blunders

Heaven is within us all – God is just a word
And words that tell a story can be wonderful  or absurd
Thoughts are only fleeting, though within they hold the truth
The gap between a thought or word may offer up the proof

So absorb the mother, meditate – share the energies you’re given
For when you soak in life itself – THEN you are truly living.

Loopy Oct 2014

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I am a fun-loving person who goes with the flow and travels through life most of the time though sometimes I have to be responsible when others try to get me on their track! Most of the time though people tell me I am barking mad! hahahaha! Life is short but oh so sweet so I believe in looking out for the bright side of life and I can always find a positive in everything! Half-empty glasses are not for me. Negativity is an ill I want to cure in everyone. Only after you heal your own soul can you help to really heal the world. So when you need help, ask for it and where it is offered, gratefully accept it as a gift.
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