Tribal Timing

long weekendIt never ceases to amaze me how employees the world over always seem to want to take time off EVEN when they are in a commission-only job it seems. Employers always have a totally different mind-set to them it seems.

In relation to this the main chat around Abuja and Nigeria at the moment is all to do with the impending elections. So our Abuja TM staff are now trying to tell us that time off will be necessary to get away from the problems that will be kicking off here – while they go off to vote in their own state. – even though some people will not even vote it seems –  Hmm!

They are suggesting 2 – 3 days off required as there will be unrest (maybe riots and also bombings) until the votes are counted and then further unrest when the results are known perhaps.

The GM of the hotel I live in suggested today that as her securitySilverbird centreadviser had said there could be real troubles before, during and after the elections, it would be good to go shopping and get supplies now so we drove off out to the Silverbird shopping centre and did a big food shop (incidentally I also  found a brilliant wig-store with some really nice wigs that I may very  well purchase). All seemed perfectly normal and there were no bad vibes in the air.

However, that is by-the-by .  On the days of the elections (14th and 28th Feb) they are currently advising that ex-pats stay indoors or away.  Apparently many people are leaving the country (Nigerians included) as rumour is rife of possible real troubles, riots, war even!

According to who wins though the talk is that the Christian supporters (who are mainly for Jonathan and him remaining a further term) state that if he retains power there could be violence from the Muslims.

Christians are also saying if the Muslim party get in the Christians will not fight or cause wars!  This thus indicates that Christians are not fanatical and fighters but the Muslims are – this was told to me by a Christian man who was driving us to the shops.tribaL

So far I have had no-one Muslim give me their point of view so I cannot comment on the other party voters attitude in all truth.

The driver I refer to is also of the Igbo tribe and with nearly 174 million people making up Nigeria’s 36 states there are about 250 tribes but 3 main tribes. According to our driver ( an Igbo who may very well be biased therefore!):

  • Hausa – apparently ignorant (uneducated) and lazy people.
  • Igbo – very educated, hard-working and forward thinking entrepreneurs who will be found all over the world as they seek opportunities.
  • Yaruba – play the middle ground – they are farmers and very strong so………….

However, when it comes to taking time off it seems that everywhere in the world, employees seem more interested in escaping work if they can, rather than offering to work longer hours – this is certainly the case in my current TM department where we have a mixture of 3 tribes working.

So perhaps the rumors of possible riots and wars have been amplified by those who are seeking time off – not the employers therefore but the tribes of employees.

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I am a fun-loving person who goes with the flow and travels through life most of the time though sometimes I have to be responsible when others try to get me on their track! Most of the time though people tell me I am barking mad! hahahaha! Life is short but oh so sweet so I believe in looking out for the bright side of life and I can always find a positive in everything! Half-empty glasses are not for me. Negativity is an ill I want to cure in everyone. Only after you heal your own soul can you help to really heal the world. So when you need help, ask for it and where it is offered, gratefully accept it as a gift.
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