About Me

I cannot really tell you who I am although personally I consider myself as a simple nomad who roams through this world and her life absorbing as much as possible.

Wanting to live in peace with all I encounter I am a Hippy at heart who is variously classed by others as mad, a free spirit, a nutty mare, loopy, crazy, off-the-wall…..you get the picture?

Whatever you think my intention is only to help you to smile more, enjoy life, dance and be happy for that is the true way to healing.

Peace comes from within, though it can be affected from without, but only if YOU choose. And your life IS your choice always.

What I can do for you perhaps

Need some healing?  I can offer you Reiki, Tarot readings, Coaching

On the artistic side ask me and I will write verses for you – for cards and special occasions.

want to get some quick training or skill sessions designed for your staff in direct ot telephone sales & marketing? Let me know and we can work out an arrangement.

I really would appreciate comments so please do say something even if you read it and think it's a load of tosh!

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