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National Health service – UK vs GERMANY

You feel ill and consider that a visit to the doctor would be advised. Obviously you want to be as stress and worry-free on this matter ASAP. Here is what happens in 2 different European countries. NB: You pay NI … Continue reading

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Do it while you’re young!

I am an old bird and I have lived a good life so far. I say so far because, although there is not enough time for me to achieve all the things I want to, I can still get out … Continue reading

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Change for the better?

Philip Hammonds comment on a recent TV interview that “a million shorthand typists had faced losing their jobs to personal computers” was nuts but NOT because there are no unemployed people. The press intimated that he had gaffed when he … Continue reading

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HOW to……….?

Well, I am in the midst of trying to get direct business now since working at getting an employed job that will offer me a challenge is pretty soul-destroying. Although employers and agencies are not allowed to tell you I … Continue reading

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COMPARTMENTALISATION – How Inner Dance can unlock those boxes.

Better still than a simple meditation, an Inner Dance session with an experienced facilitator can take you, in the space of 2 hours, into a deeper healing place Continue reading

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Having lived in the East (India, Indonesia) where people talk directly to you without necessarily intending offence, I find it interesting to note that when you come to England and talk in the same direct way, it can often offend … Continue reading

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Su creates havoc by travelling to New Jersey – another adventurous day in my past (A.K.A the shittiest day to travel to New Jersey with Continental Airlines) I was travelling to Newark from Gatwick on 11th August 2006 and I rose … Continue reading

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Soon I will be saying farewell to my faithful supporter of the last 8 months. When I bought Renee Blue I said I’d be happy if she only managed to support me for 3-4 months and she has been faithful … Continue reading

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A wealth of healthy chat.

When I was younger I used to wonder why it is that older people always seem to be engaging in conversations revolving around all things medical? However, I am getting it now – I recently mentioned that I was unable … Continue reading

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  It seems I have developed a reputation for being the “coffee and cake” girl as a result of me visiting so many places to sit and work on my computer. Also whilst travelling alone I often choose a location indoors … Continue reading

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Time to start again?

So after a protracted period of no productivity on this site I have taken up the gauntlet again and will be throwing down some lines of thought from time to time for those interested enough in reading them. The last … Continue reading

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OK. So I have made it and after 3 more months living in Nigeria (a total of 9 where I was totally immersed in work 7 days per week whilst there with no outlet other than a week out every … Continue reading

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So life is all about the living isn’t it? In my book that means that we should love life and that equates to whatever we do in life. Thus if we are not happy we should get out – correct? … Continue reading

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Mojacar Musing

So 900 km of driving later, my 6 days in Spain are over and I am back in Madrid waiting for my connection to Lagos. Had a result at Almeria airport as I had to get the car back within … Continue reading

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Tribal Timing

It never ceases to amaze me how employees the world over always seem to want to take time off EVEN when they are in a commission-only job it seems. Employers always have a totally different mind-set to them it seems. … Continue reading

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People have been asking me over the last few days & weeks how I feel to be “leaving “India. So I thought I would jot down my thoughts and feelings as I am winging my way westwards towards Heathrow London … Continue reading

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 So as the year draws to a close I felt it would be good to look back and consider what I have experienced and learnt from the 365 days contained therein. My tagline of “try something new every day” has … Continue reading

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when you have found something that you are looking for how do you proceed when the circumstances take it away from you? Continue reading

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Today I experienced a different side of Goa when I went to try and get a Yellow Fever Vaccination or exemption certificate. I had previously enquired in 2 private medical facilities (hospitals) re this and had been advised that they … Continue reading

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Change – this is something that Goans do in style. I refer of course to money in this instance (although other things also never do seem to change in Goa) It was brought to my attention yesterday, as to exactly … Continue reading

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