Loopy Lines

Here you will find some of my thoughts, lyrical or otherwise as well as quotes and clippings that I find thought-provoking or interesting. Please feel free to enjoy and comment.



That quiets the land

Casting a blanket of white;

Freezing the earth below its mantle;

Is pure and clean and fresh but for a moment.

Like the breath of a new-born baby

It reflects an innocence within

Whilst hiding the true nature of the myriad layers below.


©Loopy Feb 2017


After rain there can be rainbows, and a pot of gold to win,
But when you choose to chase a rainbow be aware the chance is thin
That you’ll find that pot of gold: – Unless you know to look within.

In everyone there is a rainbow, kaleidoscopic shafts of light:
Prismatic colours shade our being; fill our souls like wind on a kite:
The various hues within that rainbow elevate us to a new height.

Accept that rain and sun brings rainbows – that you hold your own pot of gold:
Chase your dreams but know they are fleeting, and realise magic can’t be sold.
For gold is in the eye of the beholder and pots of money cannot bring –
The feelings that a child can bring you; how to float like a bird on wing;
But the range of colours you hold inside you can teach your heart a song to sing.

Absorb the knowledge that you are a wonder, that each person has their own tune
Open your heart to rain and sunshine daily – for rainbows are not seen with the moon.
Each of us has diamond facets & gold glitters ever in our soul
Rainbows were involved in your creation and love and magic make you whole.

©Loopy Dec 14


“I want to spend time with you but you only give me nights!” he said.
“Are your days so filled that you cannot make me space or time outside your bed?”
A wistful smile and answer she gave as inside she gently bled,
“The daytime offers me sunshine, and I’ll be a long time dead
So while the night is black, under stars with your body I will wed.

During days I can travel through my life with the sun my guiding light;
Everything I see, do and feel is clear, clean, whole and bright;
But whatever I encounter, when I have to sleep at night
What better than to be in your arms, while you hold me tight?
For as night closes in we can sleep in peace and it feels completely right.”

He cried out “Do you only want me for my body then and for what I give to you?”
Her tears fell softly but she could not answer for the question made her blue.
Over passing months their situation had been reversed and he really had no clue
That the questions he posed now were hers before – No this was nothing new
As she recalled when she’d needed him he’d had “better” things to do.

Loopy Dec 2014


I am here to heal she cried;
But her own healing seemed denied;
And though she sought to ease her pain
Such heartfelt grief returned again;
The peace she thought had come to reign
Ran off, and left her once again.

Bereaved, bereft, she sought to hide
To keep her feelings deep inside;
But love and life it must be shared
The fear and pain it must be dared;
To heal your soul, it must be bared
So with another you need it paired.

To love, to laugh, to live again
Will often mean some measure of pain,
As pain and pleasure are intertwined;
So are the soul and heart and mind;
Thus when you seek, you hope to find
Someone who will not be unkind.

Confront your fears and welcome all;
Be prepared to rise up even when you fall;
Many don’t try so never know,
When to another you let your heart go,
The happiness of that warm glow
That lifts you up and creates life’s flow

©Loopy Dec 2014


A love of life, a life of love,
So far and yet so near…
Within a touching distance;
But what soon became quite clear
Was that the wandering spirit
Had not overcome its fear
Of being trapped, it therefore ran
Whenever love came too near.

This spirit could not see reality;
Mistaking all the signs;
So tears rolled down and the heart bled
To wash away the lines
Of anxious disappointment.
Thus the healing now began;
For the heart, soul and spirit,
Once healed through love and light,
Can see the greater plan.

So we aim to balance chakras;
To clear meridians and blocked minds;
Bringing happiness and laughter to all of humankind.
The universe has an answer;
Energy flows within and without;
Nature….both beautiful and inspiring
Will cleanse, bringing
Peace and calm throughout.

©Loopy Dec 2014

Dragonfly-red-1024x640Dragonfly dance

Love is all around
Where dragonflies abound
Within the sound
Of the ocean waves.

Tiny wings vibrating fast
How long can their hover last?
As they shine and glisten gold
Will their story they unfold?

We’re mostly blind to miracles
But these little beauties show it
For miracles are all around
When you only know it!

Feel with your heart.
Hear with your soul.
Recognise these wonders.
Know that YOU are heavenly
Even with your faults and blunders

Heaven is within us all – God is just a word
And words that tell a story can be wonderful –  or absurd.
Thoughts are only fleeting, though within they hold the truth.
The gap between a thought or word may offer up the proof

So absorb the mother, meditate – share the energies you’re given
For when you soak in life itself – THEN you are truly living.

Loopy Oct 2014
MOONThe moon, full and glowing last night, appeared also very small and distant in the heavens:
Now cooler mornings followed by hot bright days signify the start of a new season for me.
The pockets of humidity that built into huge balloons, finally rupturing into cascades of downpouring water, flooding the land, have depleted:
Months of nurturing and feeding the earth with life-giving rain have passed and all that remains are sharp short showers of refreshing droplets that will soon trickle to a halt.

Fresh sights, ideas and signposts will lead us to the next crossroads in our lives:
Do not ignore them, always stay aware, seeking the coincidences, in order to avail of the opportunities that present themselves each day.
Everything for a reason, observe the changing seasons without and within,
Growing each day with the bounty that health and happiness can bring.

Each changing aspect of our lives should be embraced, for that is life!

©Loopy 20th October 2013

Amazing and beautiful Writing Spider
What a wondrous web you weave
Of finely spun silken threads of moonbeams:
Biding your time,
With your corkscrew signature
Holding you secure,
You wait for passing prey.
Ugly – the lies and deceit of others;
Spinning their stories to deny or to cover
The sins they then declare to a father
At the local church where they could easily discover
The priest is the worst of the lot and his wine
Is not so much for communion as a drunken old time
But why rock the boat when he absolves them of their impure thoughts?
Eight-legged stunner of bright shining colour
You wait patiently for a mate
Who weaves his web close to your own,
So that you can consummate.
Thus when the time is right
And after the mating is complete
A sac of babies will be spun.
Awful – the cheating and bullshit involved
Making some commissions – How desperate and sad are they
Who take no time to listen or discover
What benefits their clients need,
Their work would offer an added bonus.
If they took more care.
But perhaps they are not intending
To actually work for their rewards!
This Writing Spider – also known as Orb
Repeatedly reworks her threads.
A strong and perfect work of art is shaped
That will catch and hold her prey.
Destroying the web daily, she aims to keep it strong
So eats itand weaves afresh each night.
No shirker of hard work.
Ignorant sales sharks care little for their prey
Simply attacking,
They feed on the fears of others,
Attempting to spin a tangled web
As they practice their deceit.
And when things go wrong they will
Accept no responsibility
Shifting the blame where they may.

© Loopy – August 2013


Steppenwolf will answer for this

I can ride a little scooter, never tried a motorbike:
Not sure all that gear-changing would be something that I’d like:
I’d find it rather tricky and that, added to the weight,
Could be tough but I’d like to try before it gets too late!

My muscles are quite flabby: I need more exercise:
But handling a big mean machine may tighten up my thighs!
Do you hold on like a horse or do you twist and go?
I wouldn’t want to be thrown off like on a bucking bronco.

I can straddle well and lean on the bends, but could I control the power,
Throttling up and going at speed up to 100 miles per hour?
But I’m determined, so I’d grip fast when I hear that engine rumble,
Because I’d like to do this now – before all my bones finally crumble!

©Loopy 31st March 2013

Oh yes – I WAS born to be wild!


Two Unicorns

I came upon two unicorns that were buried in the sand:
A sandstorm had passed over and covered the whole land:
Mother and babe together must have sheltered side by side
When they were hit by the force of it, they had nowhere else to hide.

Unique Horn

A little further on I found a sight, truly so forlorn:
There I saw a coconut shell – pierced by a unique horn:
I tried hard to dig for the source but had to give up and weep,
For even with all my efforts, the magic was buried too deep.

24th March 2013

Lyrics (Music required to complete)

The Smile-Shine
Blowing on the embers of a fire:
Stoking all the flames of my desire:
Waiting for the heat I know is there –
A smile-shine in your eyes, to show you care.
A hint of warmth to add a glow,
Will teach me what I need to know.
Your touch, so brief, a fleeting kiss,
Show me what I must now miss.
A shadowed dance, a swift embrace,
Reflects the sunlight in your face.
A whispered word, as if a sigh
Signals now time for a goodbye
Distant horizons beckon me,
For you are where I long to be.
When mornings once again are chilled
We’ll meet again, and be fulfilled.
© Loopy
4th March 2013 

Lyrics for a Song – Music still to be written

Love At Traction for want of a better title at this time.

Intelligence of understanding, along with true compassion
Create a depth of feeling that can easily lead to passion.
Selflessness and generosity take us to great heights
Leading us along the path that brings us to the light

When you’re “in the moment” your feelings may relate
Statements of eternal love, which later just add weight
To feelings of oppression, when you realise what was true,
Was a truth only in the moment, and it really isn’t you.

Emotions often lead you to an ecstasy of mind:
You pledge love, make commitments, which later on you find
Were all just lies, not really truth, except when in “that space”
So now you have to work really hard to discover your true place.

Tested by your strength of mind and real concern for others too,
If you care enough, respect them and be honest, for it’s true
That concern for yourself can cause you to be kind
But you lose self-respect when you lie, and end up in a bind.

If you can use your judgement to select a “proper” mate
A sense of trust develops that guides us to our fate,
By understanding other’s needs, being present in their whole
A deeper love develops which will imprint on your soul.

(Feb 2013)


Oh magnificent mist of the morning,
Shrouding all in your silvery haze,
Musically tripping from palm fronds, Morning  mist
Summoning forth hot and glorious days,
I love to absorb all your melodies
And bathe in the scent you issue,
As you softly stroke tendrils through my soul
And cool earth in your life-giving dew.

11th December 2012
Gandaulim, Colva, Goa

If you would be interested in having something special written for someone in your life drop me a line – I am happy to compose personalised lyrics for you based on your specific requirements – all you need do is give me a few facts about the person for whom you need it written.

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